Continuous Random Variables and Probability Distribution

Continuous Random Variables and Probability Distribution : Solved Questions

Step by step solutions to back questions of ‘Probability and Statistics for Engineering and the Sciences’ by Jay L. Devore | taught by Shubham Kalra

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VIDEO : 3 Hours

Number of Solved Questions : 19

Topic : Continuous Random Variables and Probability Distributions

Prerequisite Required : Theoretical knowledge of Continuous Random Variables , Probability Density Functions and the Normal Distribution.

(Note : All Questions are taken from the Book – Probability and Statistics for Engineering and the Sciences (8th Edition) by Jay L. Devore)

Shubham Kalra
Shubham Kalra
Masters in Economics, Delhi School of Economics ; Business Analyst, HSBC

Shubham Kalra has a Masters in Economics from Delhi School of Economics and has worked as a Business Analyst in one of the largest banking and financial services organizations in the world.
He has done research projects in Education and Infrastructure Sector in India involving field work and analysis of data. He holds a diploma in Financial Planning and has good understanding of Risk Management concepts and Financial Instruments as well.
He loves teaching and has been teaching since his college days in one way or another. It was in 2015, when he started teaching full time and is now teaching Economics and Statistics to many students online.His areas of specialization include Economics, Statistics, Finance and Game theory.

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excellent ....

by Rinkesh Verma

excellent ....

by Rinkesh Verma