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    EC226 Econometrics - Exam Help

    • Summary of Handout 1 (Two Variable Linear Regression Analysis)

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“This was my last session with Shubham, and I could have not wished for a better tutor. I was preparing for my Econometrics re-sit, and was looking for a tutor to get ready. I found Econometrics, as many would agree, a really challenging subject, and needed some serious help. There were a lot of tutors to choose from, but I went for Shubham, and honestly, that was perhaps the best and wisest choice I have made in my entire life (no jokes). Shubham taught everything in Econometrics from top to bottom. He made me understand things, that I thought I would never be able to understand. He showed me ways to solve equations, to read questions, to do questions, in the best possible manner. His teaching skills are seriously impressive. As stubborn as I am, it can get quite tough for tutors to deal with my arguments and claims, but he would deal with that. He is one of those tutors that no matter what question you ask, he will always know an answer to it, and for me, that is quite important as it makes you feel that this tutor knows literally everything. Great person, amazing tutor and simply professional in Econometrics.”

By Riz, Econometrics (EC226) - University of Warwick

“This is my last class with Shubham, and I can honestly say that he is one of the best tutors that I've had. He understood the problems that I've faced, and has a way to make me understand the heavy content of Econometrics in such a short time. It is a confidence booster when you are taught by a good tutor and it makes you believe that you can actually ace the exams. I can safely say that I can now do my past year questions and exercises without looking at the solutions, which I tend to do previously. He is also very well prepared and he would constantly ask if I understand his explanations before moving forward to the next topic. Thank you Shubham for the amazing tutoring sessions!”

By Qurratuain , Econometrics (EC226) - Warwick University


Shubham Kalra, Author and Online Instructor

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