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Shubham Kalra, Author and Online Instructor

Experience of teaching Microeconomics, Statistics and Econometrics to students from more than 60 universities across US, UK, Italy, Netherlands and India. Author of three e-books on Amazon (Statistics and Econometrics)

Student Review - University of Amsterdam

Hourly Charges:

  • One-on-one coaching:

    Intermediate Microeconomics:
    $40 per hour

    Probability and Statistics: 
    $35 per hour

    Basics of Econometrics: 
    $50 per hour

  • Two students:

    Intermediate Microeconomics:
    $30 per hour (Per student)

    Probability and Statistics: 

    $25 per hour (Per student)

    Basics of Econometrics: 

    $40 per hour (Per student)

    *Hourly charges may vary subject to the curriculum. 

Success Stories and Testimonials

“I found my lessons with Shubham extremely useful. I was struggling with microeconomics due to the complexity of the course. I only had 2 months until my exam and was failing. Shubham made everything seem much simpler by the way he explained everything. The economic intuition and background on most of the concepts I study quickly became clear after only a few lessons. Shubham was also very helpful with the mathematical side of the course, making complicated equations seem reasonably simple to solve through the mathematical techniques he taught me. This was vital for me as I struggled with the mathematical side greatly, but now I am confident at it. Shubham is very flexible in making learning plans. He was happy to go at my pace, going slowly and spending time on aspects I didn’t understand but quickly teaching me concepts that I needed to rush through due to my exam being so close. He also provided guidance over which plan to make which was very useful. My improvement was clear to see over just 2 months and I only wish I could have contacted him sooner as it was a very good decision that helped me greatly in my course. In terms of flexibility, as long as I have advanced notice, Shubham was completely fine with any alterations I needed to make. When planning lessons, I could pick almost any time on any day, which is very useful when I had to balance exams. With Shubham, we went over indifference curves, budget constraints, Lagrange multipliers, profit and cost maximisation as well as many other topics. I am now strong on these topics which I was failing before the lessons. The significance of my improvement has made me very grateful for the lessons, and I believe they are definitely great value for money. ”

By Joshua, Microeconomics - University of Kent

“Intermediate Microeconomics is one the hardest classes I've taken at Columbia University. When we began our classes I was doing terribly. Homeworks, the lectures, the professor- nothing made sense and I had tried everything from referring different textbooks to tutors. But Shubham helped me gallop half way through the semester and catch pace with the lectures. I think one of the best things about his lectures is he understands what method works for the student and explains it in that manner, he definitely doesn't follow the " one size fits all policy." Unlike other tutors I've had, Shubham actually prepares for the sessions and makes notes and doesn't hesitate explaining something over and over again. He always gave me extra practice to affirm my understanding and he wrote questions that are like the questions I got at University - usually other tutors don't put in the effort to match the line of questioning given at school. He altered the lectures timing in a manner that was most efficient for me ( I have the worlds smallest attention span). Not to forget he was awake with me all nights of my exam (thanks Shubham), I mean do you know a tutor that would do that? Overall he is amazing and he knows his material. Without him I wouldn't even have been able to pass my course and his tutoring not only helped me pass but actually do extremely well in class.”

By Twinkle Katkar, Intermediate Microeconomics (ECON 3211) - Columbia University

“Patient, Persistent and Polite are the three qualities that aptly describe Shubham. He has helped me understand the expansive concepts of Econometrics in my penultimate year and comprehensively connected the dots to topics in my first year in just 3 months. This was essential and helped me overcome my fear of the subject while enhancing my confidence to solve exam style questions. His ability to judge my pace of learning and design a fitting lesson plan accordingly augments his mature tutoring prowess. He would also strike up conversations on various interesting topics to connect with me and help ease the tension during strenuous sessions and around exams. Moreover, his sheer proficiency in the subject made it easy to understand both the straightforward and complicated topics. Finally, he is extremely flexible and prompt with time zones and virtual platforms (BOTIM in Dubai over the Winter break as Zoom didn’t work there). I highly recommend Shubham to students who are in need of virtual assistance for Econometrics as he is an individual with real personal integrity and a deep sense of dependability who will show you the subject isn’t all that bad after all.”

By Lizelle, Econometrics (BEE2031) - University of Exeter

“Shubham is a great Econometrics tutor. He has every features by that a great tutor is measured: Patience: I've been tutored by Shubham more than 10 hrs, not a second he showed impatience. At the beginning I was afraid to ask silly questions, but his patience brought me the courage to ask every small or stupid questions. Enthusiasm: Shubham teach Econometrics not only for finance, instead, he showed really interest and enthusiasm in this study and the experience of teaching. He would like to spend much extra time to study my materials, syllabus and past exam papers without payment. Responsibility: In every lesson and work checking, he did his best to help me and made sure that I did benefit from them. He made plan for my exam revision together with me, as long as I was a bit off the track, he would feel really worried with me and tried everything he could to pull me back, for example, adjust his personal timetable for my exam deadline. There are much more to say, but I believe everyone could discover more quality he has by working with him. I would introduce my friends to seek for his help for sure!”

By Mia, Econometrics (MG 205) - London School of Economics

“This was my last session with Shubham, and I could have not wished for a better tutor. I was preparing for my Econometrics re-sit, and was looking for a tutor to get ready. I found Econometrics, as many would agree, a really challenging subject, and needed some serious help. There were a lot of tutors to choose from, but I went for Shubham, and honestly, that was perhaps the best and wisest choice I have made in my entire life (no jokes). Shubham taught everything in Econometrics from top to bottom. He made me understand things, that I thought I would never be able to understand. He showed me ways to solve equations, to read questions, to do questions, in the best possible manner. His teaching skills are seriously impressive. As stubborn as I am, it can get quite tough for tutors to deal with my arguments and claims, but he would deal with that. He is one of those tutors that no matter what question you ask, he will always know an answer to it, and for me, that is quite important as it makes you feel that this tutor knows literally everything. Great person, amazing tutor and simply professional in Econometrics.”

By Riz, Econometrics (EC226) - University of Warwick

“If you're struggling with Econometrics, you no longer have to worry. This concludes the 3rd lesson I have taken with Shubham. My experience was excellent. Shubham knows how to teach what you're struggling with and he can do so in a highly efficient matter. In my case, we completed multiple weeks of theory within only a handful of hours. I am now confident about by knowledge on the subjects that were discussed. 5 stars do not do the immense value of taking courses with Shubh any justice. Overachieved in every session and there is no way I would recommend or use any other tutor for the subject of econometrics. I knew close to nothing before meeting Shubh and now I feel not only comfortable about econometrics but also well-prepared to achieve high grades.”

By Marc, Econometrics – The University of Jordan

“This is my last class with Shubham, and I can honestly say that he is one of the best tutors that I've had. He understood the problems that I've faced, and has a way to make me understand the heavy content of Econometrics in such a short time. It is a confidence booster when you are taught by a good tutor and it makes you believe that you can actually ace the exams. I can safely say that I can now do my past year questions and exercises without looking at the solutions, which I tend to do previously. He is also very well prepared and he would constantly ask if I understand his explanations before moving forward to the next topic. Thank you Shubham for the amazing tutoring sessions!”

By Qurratuain , Econometrics (EC226) - Warwick University

“Shubham tutored me during my first year at university for my Statistics modules. What I liked the most about him was that he put every effort to ensure I understood the topics thoroughly. He knows the subject very well and you could tell that he puts in a lot of preparation for each session. If I didn't understand something he would happily go through everything again until he was sure I got it. He is also extremely friendly and easy to talk to, so I never felt embarrassed to ask questions. I was so happy with my exam results in the end and I know I could not have done it without his help. I highly recommend him as a tutor. ”

By Georgia, Probability and Statistical Inference - University of St Andrews

“Until Shubham I was struggling with some concepts in Econometrics, but after only two lessons I was able to understand and correctly answer all of the questions I had previously found difficult. Anyone looking for an Econometrics tutor I would highly recommend Shubham. He explains concepts in a very clear and coherent structure. Overall, my learning experience with Shubham has been outstanding.”

By Joe, Econometric Analysis - Newcastle University

“My final class with Shubham before my exam in May :(. I have had MANY classes with Shubham and he has been extremely supportive the whole way through, he takes the time to fully explain all your slides, exam questions and gaps in your knowledge beyond the topic he is teaching you.”

By Djan, Econometrics - University of Birmingham

Some of the courses we have helped students with:

6012B0453Y : Econometrics (Amsterdam School of Economics)
EC226: Econometrics (University of Warwick)
EC203: Applied Econometrics (University of Warwick)
EC2020: Elements of Econometrics (London School of Economics - LSE)
MG205: Econometrics - Theory and Applications (London School of Economics - LSE)
EC3301: Statistics and Econometrics (University of St Andrews)
ECON W3412: Introduction to Econometrics (Columbia University)
EC2017: Introductory Econometrics (City, University of London)
BEE2031: Econometrics (University of Exeter)
Econometrics: University of Jordan
Econometrics: University of Birmingham
Econometric Analysis: Newcastle University
BEE2006: Statistics and Econometrics (University of Exeter)
EC3303 : Statistics and Econometrics (University of St. Andrews)
EC304: Empirical Economic Analysis II (Boston University)
FR2202: Financial Econometrics (Cass Business School)
EC220: Introduction to Econometrics (London School of Economics)
EC221: Introduction to Econometrics (London School of Economics)
ECO-20042 : Introduction to Econometrics (Keele University)
5SSMN932: Introduction to Econometrics (King’s College London)
5QQMN938 : Intermediate Econometrics (King’s College London)
Introductory Econometrics (University of Nottingham)
ECON 421-521/2 A : ECONOMETRICS I (Concordia University)
Econometrics: Amsterdam School of Economics
5SSPP213: Econometrics (King’s College London)
SESS2010 : Applied Econometrics (UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies)
ECON 321 : Introduction to Econometrics (University of Waterloo)
EBC2011 Economics : Quantitative Methods 3 (Maastricht University)
BEE1022 : Introduction to Statistics (University of Exeter)
ECN225 : Econometrics 2  (Queen Mary University of London)
Introduction to Econometrics (University of Birmingham)
ECN224 : Econometrics 1  (Queen Mary University of London)
6012B0212: Econometrics (Amsterdam School of Economics)
PSYC49122: Advanced Experimentation and Statistics 1 (Nottingham Trent University)
MT2504: Combinatorics and Probability (St. Andrews)
ECON103: Quantitative Methods for Economics (Lancaster University)
MT2508: Statistical Inference (St. Andrews)
153400121: Quantitative Methods for Economists (SOAS, University of London)
UN 1201: Statistics and Probability (Columbia University)
Introduction to Statistics: Queen Mary University of London
ECON 121 - Economic Statistics (Georgetown University)
BC 3018 : Econometrics (Barnard College)
UN3412 : Introduction to Econometrics (Columbia University)
EC3023: Mathematical and Statistical Methods (University of Aberdeen)
ES20069 : Introduction to Econometrics (University of Bath)
EC3017: Applied Econometrics (City, University of London)
6SSMN961 : Applied Econometrics (King’s College London)
EFIM20011: Econometrics (University of Bristol)
FM L5 : Econometric Techniques (Bournemouth University) 
SESS0023: Applied Econometrics (University College London)
BEEM011 : Applied Econometrics I (University of Exeter)
Econometrics (The University of Buckingham)
Econometrics II (University of Bern)
ECM308 : Econometrics (City, University of London)
ECON 120B : Econometrics B (UC San Diego)
ECON47815 : Econometric Methods (Durham University Business School)
ECNM10052 : Essentials of Econometrics (The University of Edinburgh)
BEE1023 : Introduction to Econometrics (University of Exeter)
EC204 : Introductory Econometrics (University of Reading)
EC2010 : Introductory Econometrics (University of Leicester)
ECON0019 : Quantitative Economics and Econometrics (UCL – University College London)
ECON 231 : Econometrics (University of Rochester)
L1022 : Statistics and Introductory Econometrics (University of Sussex)
Economics 345 : Applied Econometrics (University of Victoria)
L1090 : Introduction to Econometrics (University of Sussex)
MGEC11-L30 : Introduction to Regression Analysis (University of Toronto)
ECON212 : Introduction to Econometrics (Lancaster University)
EC3304 : Econometrics II (National University of Singapore)
BM2205 : Econometrics (Cass Business School)
AG909: Quantitative Methods for Finance (University of Strathclyde, Glasgow)